Three Grammar Mistakes to Avoid in Your English Interview! 

If you have an interview in English soon, make sure you avoid these three common grammar mistakes and ace that interview!

Lots of tips – but not many about grammar mistakes! 

So last week I had a job interview. Quite fun being the candidate instead of the trainer, for a change!

To prepare, had a quick review of the top interview tips.

Of course, the answers were overwhelming: 2.2 billon results on Google, for example. 🤪

And then, out of curiosity, I decided to look at tips for grammar mistakes that non-native speakers should avoid when preparing for an interview in English.

And guess what? Most of the advice was

  • the questions you’ll be asked with example responses
  • or grammar mistakes made by non-native speakers IN GENERAL but not specifically related to interviews.
Three grammar mistakes – and how to fix them! 

So I went through the interview training I’ve done and compiled a list of three of the most common grammar mistakes and quick ways to fix them.

‘Tell me about yourself and your work experience’.

1. I’m …product manager. ❌

I’m A product manager. ✅

Add ‘a’ before the name of your job.

I know it’s a small word, but it shows that you are aware of the difference between your native language (Spanish, French, German, Italian, etc) where ‘a’ is NOT used and English. 

2) I’m A RESPONSIBLE OF co-ordination between design and production. ❌

I’m RESPONSIBLE FOR the co-ordination between design and production. ✅

In English, responsible is ONLY used as an adjective, NOT as a noun, as in many other languages.

Note: responsible FOR + noun (the co-ordination)

responsible FOR + verb + ing (co-ordinating)

3) In my first job, I HAVE WORKED on several projects using this product. ❌

In my first job, I WORKED on several projects using this product. ✅

When talking about experiences in companies where you DON’T WORK ANYMORE use the Past Simple because the experiences have finished in the past.

BUT use the Present Perfect (has/ have + past participle verb) if you are talking about an experience in your PRESENT job because the experience that started in the past continues in the present.

e.g. I have worked for XYZ for two years.

That’s it! Short and sweet!

I hope you find these tips useful. Let me know in the comments below!

P.S. I understand what it’s like to prepare for an interview as a non-native speaker. During my career as a communication officer in Spain, I had interviews and interviewed candidates – in Spanish!

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