How to talk about tech problems online – in English!

Estás en una reunion online. ¿Sabes qué decir en inglés cuando tienes problemas con la tecnología? 😖

Did you know that about 58% of workers reported in a recent Zoom survey that technical problems during online meetings were one of their biggest problems. 🤔

So if this is you and you’re not sure to say in English when this happens…read on.👇🏼


“I’m sorry. I don’t see you very well” is a good try, but it’s missing something!

So here are some better options:

Option 1:

“I’m sorry. I can’t see you very well”.

Use can’t NOT don’t when commenting on a problem.

Option 2:

Sorry about the connection. Can you turn off the camera so we can hear each other better?

Use hear NOT listen because hear means receiving sound using your ears and listen to means giving attention to someone in order to hear them 


“It doesn’t sound very well” is a great attempt, but there’s a better way to say this!

Option 1:

The sound isn’t very good.

Use good not well because when you’re describing a sound, you should use an adjective (good) not the adverb (well).

Option 2:

There’s an echo / feedback when you / I speak.


“You don’t move” is not very clear, so try this:

“Your image has frozen”.

You could also add the following suggestions:

Can you turn off your camera?

I’m going to leave the meeting and connect again / connect from another room.

So, I hope you found these phrases helpful!

Which of these three situations do you have most problems with? Or is it all three?!

Do you use any of these in your online meetings?

Are any of them new for you?

TIP: if these phrases are useful for you, copy and paste them and keep them on your desktop so next time you’re in a meeting and one – or all – of these situations happen/s, you know how to respond…and sound more natural! 

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